Audience and Stakeholder Analysis

What do people really think?  What opinions do they hold?  What drives those opinions? And, ultimately, why do people do what they do?

Our analysis is far removed from assessing which product people might buy or how they might vote but is aimed at deriving a visceral, deep understanding of  an audience’s information environment, their motivations and their behaviours.  Through thorough analysis of social structures, group identification, ideology, values, beliefs, information sources, education, demography, psychography and narratives we can comprehensively address the questions above.

This approach involves a spectrum of standard capabilities: media monitoring and analysis; focus groups; polling; interviews and tried and tested qualitative, quantitative and behavioural observation.  Today, it also involves innovative advances through data science, behavioural economics and deep network analysis.  And, further, it involves bringing together geo-political expertise, social scientists, research specialists, field workers and technical analysts.

Bringing these practices together, Albany Insight is able to provide truly thorough audience and stakeholder analysis in areas and under circumstances which contemporary publics or consumer analysis simply cannot. 

And through that analysis, policy makers, programme managers and communicators can be furnished with utterly relevant information to allow sound decision-making.