Desk-based Research(DBR)/Background Analysis: Much about a situation, region or population can be gleaned from existing sources such as books, articles, films and television, the Internet and existing research data. We can quickly provide contextual and background analysis of a situation, which also provides the foundation for further in-depth research. 

Expert (SME) Interviews: At the start of many research projects we quickly develop interview schedules for extensive in-depth interviews with subject matter experts to obtain essential context-relevant information.

Qualitative Research:  Our research team are experts in qualitative research and analysis, and have conducted focus groups and depth-interviews with indigenous locals in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, and many other locations. We have often started interviews and focus groups within days of beginning a project. We also are skilled in content analysis and discourse analysis.

Quantitative Research: Typically, our survey and questionnaire research is grounded in the initial qualitative, DBR and SME findings, thus making it highly relevant and rigorous. We have conducted quantitative research in complex environments on samples ranging from a few hundred to many thousands.

Behavioural Observation: To study behaviour in public or in a social context formal methods of behavioural observation are highly effective. Behaviours are observed and recorded according to a specific coding scheme, which later is subject to quantitative analysis.